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Volunteering spots

Have you ever had the experience of being very happy for helping someone?

We have all had this life experience of feeling and being vibrant when we genuinely support each other's process. When we open up and offer our time and our abilities to the world in an authentic, honest, and selfless way, springs up in us a kind of happiness that comes from our internal resources, triggered by cooperation, openness, support, and partnership.

It is a happiness that results from what we offer to the world.


Paz & Mente offers opportunities for you to exercise these qualities and abilities by maintaining a volunteer database made of interested and committed people who support the spread of Peace Studies, Conflict Transformation and Emotional Balance in Latin America. Your cooperation is fundamental in this process. Come with us!


What is to be a volunteer?

For us, volunteering is more than just donating hours of your time or putting your skills at the disposal of people, causes or organizations. Volunteering is an opportunity for collective learning. It’s an exercise of generosity and solidarity. It is an opportunity to cultivate virtue, compassion, and openness.

Volunteering is not just a word. It is love, dedication, and action.

Volunteers are the heart of an organization. They make a difference from the work, commitment and dedication they offer. They are moved by a powerful force: will and motivation.

What do you want to offer to the world?

If you wish to generously transform your qualities and abilities into actions, be part of our volunteer database.


Current opportunities available


Logistical support for Lama Elizabeth Mattis-Namgyel event


Volunteer English-Portuguese / Portuguese-English translator


Mobile App Developer

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Video editor


Graphic designer

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Other opportunities



Come with us to build a career with purpose and meaning!

We share deep and transformative experiences. Together we will explore many service possibilities in a free, open, and focused way. Almost all our vacancies are home office with systematic virtual and face-to-face meetings at specific dates and times.

We believe in co-creation, collaboration and freedom. If you also believe it, you have already taken the first step towards our partnership.

Current opportunities available

Video and photo capture on presence phase

From May 14 to 28th 2019, one of the immersive modules of the Paz & Mente Postgraduate program take place and we have an open opportunity to a professional photographer and video maker.

There will be 15 days of activities on a retreat center with exuberant beauty, which opens to the Lagoa de Ibiraquera, in the brazilian state of Santa Catarina, connected to the sea and face the mountains. It will be a great experience of interaction with facilitators and peace workers from different parts of the world gathered in one place.

Requirements for this opportunity:

Professional experience in photography and video capture, a poetic look, interest in Peace Studies, Conflict Transformation and Emotional Balance, and also willingness and availability to accompany us during this period. The person must have self-management, proactivity, and tranquility. At firs,t it is not necessary to edit, just capture the images and save all of them in our HD. However, if you have experience editing and would like to collaborate, you are invited to do so.

Paz & Mente offers for this 15 days' - with no cost - accommodation in this inspiring place, food, transportation from Florianópolis to Ibiraquera and also a fee of R$ 1,000.00. In addition to lots of fun in the company of many peace workers and facilitators from various parts of the world.

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