Postgraduate Program

Conflict Transformation and Peace Studies with an emphasis on Emotional Balance

Sanctioned by UNESCO Chair for Peace Studies, Innsbruck, Austria and the Santa Barbara Institute , California, USA and accredited by the Brazilian educational system (MEC).


Be part of this transformative journey in which theory and practice come together in an unique model of Transformative Academy.

Place where the classes take place: Florianópolis, SC, Brazil and Praia do Rosa, SC, Brazil

Confirmed facilitators and their respective disciplines

PhD. Wolfgang Dietrich,
UNESCO Chairholder for Peace Studies, University of Innsbruck, Austria; Transrational Philosophies of Peaces and Conflict Transformation

PhD. Norbert Koppensteiner,
Master's Program Coordinator of the UNESCO Chair for Peace Studies, University of Innsbruck, Austria; Transrational Philosophies of Peaces and Conflict Transformation; Embodied Practices

PhD. Eve Ekman,
UCSF's Osher Center for Integrative Medicine, Emotions and Trauma

PhD.Candidate Egidio de Bustamante
Paz & Mente, PhD candidate at Jaume I University , Spain; Master Degree at University of Innsbruck, Austria; Conflict Mapping, International Relations and Peace Studies

PhD. Paula Facci,
Paz & Mente, PhD at Universitat Jaume I, Spain; Master Degree at University of Innsbruck, Austria; Fellow at Kroc Institute, USA; Conflict Transformation and Dance as Transformative Methodology

Dra. Elisa Kozasa,
Fellow of the Mind and Life Institute, USA; Neuroscientist, Research on the Effects of Meditation.

MSc. Ryan Redman,
Flourishing Foundation, California, USA; Cultivating Emotional Balance

MSc. Luís Bravo,
Paz & Mente, Master Degree at University of Innsbruck, Austria; Nonviolence, Restorative Justice and Interpretations of Peaces

MSc. Cerys Tramontini,
Paz & Mente, Director of the Postgraduate Program on Conflict Transformation and Peace Studies based on Emotional Balance; Master Degree at University of Innsbruck, Austria, Conflict Transformation, Emotional Balance, Authenticity and fearlessness.

Esp. Caroline de Oliveira Bertolino,
Psychologist, Training Self-Compassion

Esp. Patrícia Ribeiro,
Paz & Mente; Yoga and Meditation Emotional Balance

Esp. Flavius Raymundo,
Paz & Mente; Therapist

"With my personal confidence in this program, I invite all friends to join the program in Brazil, where together we can find peace deep within ourselves, so this quality is reflected in our external activities".

B. Alan Wallace - President of the Santa Babara Institute, Paz & Mente Personal Trust and Master in Contemplative Science.

Program structure

4 intensive presence phase of 15 days (total 60 days) + online platform during the two years course with international facilitators

Dates for presence phase (2018-2019)

1st Semester:

Introduction to Conflict Transformation and Peace Studies: 14/05/18 to 05/28/18

Transrational Peace Philosophies

Introduction to Emotional Balance

Introduction to Elicitive Conflict Transformation and transformative methodologies

2nd Semester:

Conflict transformation and transformative methodologies: 09/24/18 to 10/08/18

Conflict Transformation

Elicitive Conflict Mapping

Restorative Justice

Transrational research methodologies

Synchronization Body-Mind

Conflict Transformation by Means of Corporal Practices (Embodied Practices)

3rd Semester

Emotional Balance: 14/05/19 to 05/28/19

Firefighters Training: First Aid + Emergency Procedures for Stress Situations and Disaster

Cultivating Emotional Balance: Psychological Aspects (Study of Emotions)

Cultivating Emotional Balance: Aspects of Contemplative Science (Contemplative Practices)

Practicing Self-Compassion

4th Semester

The Art of Care: 10/15/19 to 10/29/19

Principles of Non-Violence and the Peace worker

Peace Studies in the Social Sciences and Humanities

Deepen the study of Emotions and memory

Trauma and Stress

Authenticity and Fearlessness

Trends on the researches on practices related to Contemplative Science

Study Atlas of Emotions

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